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6-ECTS Modules

6 ECTS electives allow to advance your chosen specialization. Thus, most of the courses on offer are listed in the economic debates-section. Here, our researchers introduce you to their own current research and the discourse associated to it.

However, within the area of 6 ECTS electives, you can also attend courses that allow you to further enhance your methodological and formal skills, as well as acquire key interdisciplinary skills or already attend doctoral courses.

You can already take PHD courses at the Berlin School of Economics (BSE) during your Master's. These courses will be recognized both in the Master's program and in a later PHD program at the BSE. All courses from the first year of study at the BSE are open to you, and are recognized in the following modules. Modules: Advanced Economic Theory Advanced Empirical Economics Advanced Economic Policy Analysis Advanced Quantitative Economics Advanced Statistical Methods