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Which prior knowledge is required? 

The Master in Public Economics is not an interdisciplinary study program. A solid, in-depth education in the field of Economics is required. You should therefore have completed relevant courses in all of the following areas during your previous studies:

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Economic policy
  • Economic Mathematics (or equivalent)
  • Statistics
  • Econometrics

If you have not graduated with an Economics Bachelor's, you are still encouraged to apply.

Basic knowledge in Econometrics is indispensable for a successful completion of the program

Our experience has shown that undergraduates from other disciplines often lack sufficient knowledge in Econometrics to successfully complete our mandatory module Applied Microeconometrics. Should you have acquired little or no Econometrics knowledge during your bachelor studies, we recommend you to prepare for this course independently and also take complementary courses offered at FU.

Wooldridge (Introductory Econometrics), Angrist and Pischke (Mostly Harmless Econometrics) and Hill et al. (Principles of Econometrics).

Numerous courses offered at our School make use of the licensed software Stata. Our students are offered access to Stata for free.

First experience with Stata can be gained, for example, by working through the discussion paper by Pfaff (A brief introduction to Stata with 50 + basic commands).

The module Econometric Analysis is offered annually every winter semester and serves as an ideal preparation for the mandatory course in Applied Microeconometrics in the following summer semester.