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Quality Management

Evaluation & development: also study programs need to be reviewed

A university must ensure that students receive a good education that is internationally
recognized. In Germany, it is regulated by law that Bachelor's and Master's degree
programs must be subject to quality control, i.e. accreditation.
Berlin's Higher Education Act also stipulates that the quality of study programs must
be evaluated on a regular basis.

Freie Universität was the first university in Berlin to be successfully system-accredited.
The decision of the accreditation agency AQAS on August 29, 2016, was made on the
basis of an external assessment procedure and certifies that the quality management
system of Freie Universität Berlin ensures the achievement of and compliance with the
quality standards for degree programs and enables continuous quality improvement of
the programs.

The central university administration and the departments are jointly responsible
for the audit process. Therefore, there are centralized and decentralized procedures
for quality assurance. The Office of Quality Management supports the departments
in their preparation of the internal accreditation procedures.

In order to make quality management transparent, the School of Business & Economics
uses the process documentations that are valid throughout the university. They describe
binding procedures, for example for appointment procedures and target agreements
or for teaching and teaching evaluations. The many quality management measures help
to continuously improve teaching in the department and adapt it to new developments.