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Prof. Meske co-authored article on supporting and hindering factors of Research Data Management in IJIM (IF: 8.21; VHB:C)

News vom 29.06.2020

In cooperation with Konstantin Wilms, Stefan Stieglitz and Björn Ross, Prof. Meske published the article "A value-based perspective on supporting and hindering factors for research data management" in the International Journal of Information Management (IF: 8.21, VHB: C).

Abstract: Research data management (RDM) is an important prerequisite for a substantial and sustainable contribution to knowledge. There is a pressing need to examine why researchers hesitate to store, annotate, share and manage their research data. To model underlying psychological factors influencing researchers’ refusal to conduct RDM, the social exchange theory is extended with elements from prospect theory. Thus, it allows psychological insights into researchers’ decision-making, and illustrates the role of cost and benefit evaluations under uncertainty. Data management policies of a major funding agency were presented to a homogeneous group of researchers from the Information Systems community in Germany. The findings show that many researchers see a high value in RDM but are still held back by uncertainty. While the benefits seem to outweigh the costs, we ascertain the uncertainty factors which hinder researchers’ intention from conducting RDM in the future. The perceived fear of losing control over one's data is identified as a major hindering factor, while the fear of losing one's unique value did not prevail. The study provides novel insights for executives, administrators, and developers in higher education institutions, which are especially important for furthering RDM implementation strategies, as well as for system development.

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