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Professur für Verhaltensökonomie, insb. Neuroökonomie

Prof. Dr. Peter N.C. Mohr

E-Mail: LS-Verhaltensoekonomie@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de

I am currently a Professor and head of the Dahlem International Junior Research Group „Neuroeconomics" at the FU Berlin. After studying Business Administration with a focus on Finance and Marketing, I did my PhD in psychology at the International Max Planck  Research School LIFE. My current research interests lie in the fields of neuroeconomics, neuroeconomics and ag­ing, behavioral economics, and decision sciences in general. Specifically, I am interested in how risk pro­cessing and decision mak­ing under risk are affected by context and age, but also how strategic interactions between dif­ferent individuals are neurally processed. In this context a special focus of my research lies on the interplay of emotion and cognition as well as on inter-individual differences in subjective percep­tions of relevant decision variables like reward expectation, risk, and trust. From a methodologi­cal perspective I combine functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), quantitative meta-analyses of fMRI data, and behavioral modeling.