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Patrick Haack Organizes Sub-theme at EGOS 2018

News vom 18.09.2017

We are proud to announce that network co-organizer Patrick Haack is convening the sub-theme "The Micro and Macro of Social Evaluations: Implications for Theory, Methods and Practice" at 2018's EGOS colloquium in Tallinn, Estonia. Patrick is teaming up with renowned Alexandre B. Bitektine (HEC Montréal) and Anastasiya Zavyalova (Rice University, Houston).

Here is an excerpt from the sub-theme description: "Organizations are subject to social evaluations by their stakeholders, such as customers, investors, employees, and communities. These social evaluations form the basis of perceptions, judgments and actions targeted at the organization (George et al., 2016). Several social evaluation constructs have been theorized and tested in previous research, including legitimacy (Suchman, 1995), reputation (Lange et al., 2011), status (Podolny, 1993), celebrity (Rindova et al., 2006), and stigma (Devers et al., 2009). Furthermore, the growing body of research on the effects of surprising negative experiences, such as organizational wrongdoing and scandals, underscores the practical relevance of social evaluation research (George et al., 2016). The goal of the proposed sub-theme is to facilitate a conversation on social evaluations, encourage novel and insightful research, address unmet needs in the application of social evaluations theory to real-world managerial problems, and create an international community of social evaluation scholars."

Submit your best work and we see you in Tallinn!

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