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New research on the microfoundations of institutions in the Academy of Management Review!

News vom 08.08.2018

Derek Harmon, Thomas Roulet, and network member Patrick Haack are commenting on the microfoundations paper by Ivano Cardinale and suggest that advancing our understanding of the microfoundations of institutions requires an explicit focus on how social action operates across multiple levels of analysis.

See here for the dialogue paper by Harmon, Haack, and Roulet: https://journals.aom.org/doi/10.5465/amr.2018.0080

See here for a second dialogue paper by Jaco Lok and Hugh Willmott: https://journals.aom.org/doi/abs/10.5465/amr.2017.0571

See here for the original paper by Ivano Cardinale: https://journals.aom.org/doi/10.5465/amr.2015.0020

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