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PROJECT I.2 Organizing Temporary Co-Presence to Induce and Cope with Uncertainty in Creative Processes

Key Facts

Principal investigators: Prof. Dr. Gernot Grabher, HCU Hamburg, Prof. Dr. Elke Schüßler, Johannes Kepler University and Prof. Dr. Jörg Sydow, Freie Universität Berlin


Alice Melchior, HCU Hamburg, Benjamin Schiemer, Johannes Kepler University, Linz

Duration: 3 years (Period I)


Project Description

Creativity requires collaboration in physical co-presence. This seems to be the under­lying assumption, if not the credo, of much creativity research on almost every level of analysis. Co-presence of individuals, groups and organizations in labs or studios, in hacker or maker spaces, on tours, at fairs or in clubs allows for intensive inter­personal and inter­organizational interaction and is associated with knowledge exchange, learning and innovation. This project aims to advance research on creativity by providing a more systematic, balanced and processual analysis of the increasingly popular notion of co-presence, while also examining the social dynamics unfolding in periods of absence from certain actors or environments.

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