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Organized Creativity Research Continues with Four more Projects for Three more Years

News vom 03.01.2021

We are excited that our organized creativity research can enter into its second phase in which we intend to build on the data and insights gained during the first three years while extending our dataset and deepening and systematizing our comparative analyses, within and across the two sectors we mostly look at: music and pharma. The first project "Nurturing entrepreneurial creativity: The role of ideation and support practices" is led by Jörg Sydow. Together with doctoral student Eshan Samimi,  this project will develop a creativity-theory-inspired notion of entrepreneurship as a venture idea’s journey. The second project "Organized Creativity: A Synthesis" is led by Jörg Sydow together with Dr. Birke Otto and focuses on synthesizing the findings of the entire research group towards developing a multidisciplinary theory of organized creativity. The third project "Creativity and Alternatives to Intellectual Property" is led by Leonhard Dobusch and Sigrid Quack who, together with two doctoral students, will further examine the regulatory dimension of creative processes. The fourth project "Entrainment: Temporal Structuring of Creative Projects"  examines the temporal practices by which creative work is structured in the two fields, music and pharma. The project is led by Elke Schüßler, Jörg Sydow and Gernot Grabher who collaborate with Dr. Benjamin Schiemer. The first two projects are funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), whereas the second two are funded as international projects together by DFG and the Austrian FWF.

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