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Conference Keynote Speaker

The Pfadkolleg at the Freie Universität Berlin confirms that Warren P. Boeker (University of Washington) will give the keynote speech at the conference.


Warren Boeker

Warren Boeker earned his Ph. D. from the University of California, Berkeley. Past academic appointments have included Columbia University (1987-96), London Business School (1996-98) and the University of Washington, where he is the Douglas Olesen Professor and Chair of the Department of Management and Organization.


Professor Boeker has been involved in teaching and advising in the areas of governance and organizational strategy for the last 20 years, first as the Strategy Director of Columbia University’s Institute for Non-profit Management, and most recently as an advisor to non-profit organizations undergoing strategic change and board transitions. He is also actively involved in research investigating for-profit organizations, including the effect of founders on new ventures and alliance activity between biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms.


His major publications/papers include articles in Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, and chapters in books, and he has presented research seminars at a number of universities, including Harvard, INSEAD (France), London Business School, New York University, Northwestern, Stanford, University of California (Berkeley, Irvine, and Los Angeles), University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, and Yale, among others. He has consulted with numerous organizations, and has been an active designer, participant and leader in more than 25 executive programs across numerous universities, both domestic and international, including the University of Zurich, Ecole Polytechnique (Paris), Australian Graduate School of Management, and Hebrew University.



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