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Brief overview:

Compustat provided by S&P Global contains fundamental financial and market information on both active and inactive global companies in a standardized form. Compustat offers a variety of databases. For the members of the Freie Universität Berlin, the following databases are accessible:

  • Compustat – Execucomp = (Executive Compensation)
    Compensation data (salary, bonus, option programs etc.) for managers since 1992
  • Compustat Global & daily updates
    Fundamental and market data on more than 40.000 international companies (without North America) since 1979; daily updates
  • Compustat North America & daily updates
    Fundamental and market data on more than 30.000 companies that are listed at a North American stock exchange; annual fundamental data since 1979, quarterly data since 1962; daily updates
  • Compustat Historical Segments & daily updates
    Additional historical data to the 'North America'-database, annual fundamental data since 1950, quarterly data since 1995; daily updates

Compustat may only be used by the members of Freie Universität Berlin for scholarly purposes through the interface of Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS) .

Access information:

To access the database Compustat a valid Zedat account and WRDS account is necessary.