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Business and Services Marketing

Course description

This course aims at providing students with an understanding of the characteristics and structures of business and services markets. Further, students are introduced to the specifics of buying behavior of business customers as well as the impact of customer integration and business relationships in such markets.

Course objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should have gained knowledge concerning the specific features, tools and strategies regarding the marketing in business and services markets. Furthermore, they should be able to derive and apply business type-specific marketing strategies.

Examination type

  • Non-compulsory group presentation with the possibility to gain extra credit (up to 8 points)
  • Compulsory 1-hour written midterm test (50 points) in the midcourse of the semester
  • Compulsory 1-hour written final exam (50 points) at the end of the semester



Business- und Dienstleistungsmarketing: Die Vermarktung integrativ erstellter Leistungsbündel (by Rolf Weiber and Michael Kleinaltenkamp)


1) Structural changes in economies and the consequences for business and services marketing (chapter 1)

2) Characteristics of business and services marketing (chapter 2)

3) Managing the integrative service creation process (chapter 3)

4) Levels of action in business and services marketing: transactional episodes and business relationships (chapter 4)

5) The basic procurement decision of the buyer and customer usage processes  (chapter 5)

6) Organizational buying behavior (chapter 6)

7) Market segmentation in business and services marketing (chapter 7)

8) Business types in business and services markets; Marketing in spot markets (chapter 8, chapter 9)

9) Marketing in project markets (chapter 11)

10) Marketing in commodity markets (chapter 10)

11) Marketing in coupled businesses, characteristics and types of coupled businesses  (chapter 12)

12) Relationship-oriented marketing approach in coupled businesses (chapter 12)

13) Characteristics of quality management in business and services marketing (chapter 14)

14) An operational quality management approach in business and services marketing (chapter 15)