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Fundamentals of Marketing

Course description

This course aims at providing students with an understanding of the basic concepts of marketing and the formulation of marketing strategies relating to products, price, channels of distribution and promotion (marketing-mix). The students learn about different market characteristics and different ways for companies to position themselves in those markets. Thus, students understand how companies obtain competitive advantages over time. Furthermore, the course contains the basic methods of market research both in a business-to-business and business-to-consumer setting.

Course objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should have basic knowledge to fundamental concepts of marketing and marketing strategies. They should be able to reflect the impact of marketing activities on other business units and collaborate the theoretical knowledge with case studies in order to make effective business decisions.

Examination type

  • Non-compulsory group presentation towards extra credit
  • Compulsory 2-hour written exam at the end of the semester



Marketing-Einführung (by Alfred Kuß and Michael Kleinaltenkamp)


0) Introduction to Marketing

1) Companies and the Market Environment

2) Buyer Behavior

3) Marketing Strategies I

4) Marketing Strategies II

5) International Marketing

6) Market Research I

7) Market Research II

8) Product Policy I

9) Product Policy II

10) Market Crisis

11) Distribution Policy

12) Communication Policy

13) Price Policy

14) Marketing-Mix