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Research focuses

Cooperation among professors working in different fields of study lends the Marketing Department a broad research profile. The individual professors focus on the following areas in their research:


Dr. Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Professor

  • Business-to-Business-Marketing
  • Services Marketing
  • New Institutional Economics
  • Business Relationship Management

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Dr. Sascha Raithel, Professor

  • Creating market-based Assets
  • Monetizing market-based Assets
  • Preserving market-based Assets

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Dr. Jana Möller, Professor

  • Branding and Emotions
  • Product Design
  • Persuasion

Dr. Alfred Kuss, Professor (ret.)

  • Buyer Behaviour
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Theory

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Dr. Michaela Haase, Responsible Researcher

  • Services Marketing
  • Academic Theory
  • Business and Economic Ethics
  • Theory of the Firm

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