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Journal of Business Market Management

Welcome to the jbm!

The jbm was launched on the occasion of the 1st International Conference on Business Market Management March 12 -14, 2006 in Berlin.


Since 2012 jbm operates as an Open Access Journal. The journal is thankful for financial support by the DFG (Scientific Library Services and Information Systems programme (LIS), www.dfg.de/lis).

Background of the journal: During the past decades business-to-business markets have gained additional significance considering growth and productivity rates worldwide. Increasing international but also electronic commerce has made this sector more important and promising than ever before. For a long time, research has focused on exploring differences between consumer- and business-market approaches. The developmental trends in business-to-business markets provide excellent prospects for academics. There are many opportunities for scholars who want to meet the ambitious challenge not only to identify systematic patterns on business-to-business markets but also to achieve a more sophisticated understanding of relevant influential factors and develop theory-based models for a successful management.

The aim of jbm (Journal of Business Market Management) is to create opportunities for novel ideas and theories as well as strategies for increasing market share which shall be generated from and applicable to business-to-business markets. Experts shall be given the chance to deliver mechanisms to explain a research area that has certainly not yet been explored sufficiently.

Please find more information about the Editorial Board here.
Find the content of the first jbm-issues at springer link.


Information for Authors

Authors should submit their manuscripts online at http://www.jbm-online.net/

Before you send your manuscript, please be sure that you read the general guidelines carefully. You find the general guidelines here.

For further information about the International Conference on Business Market Management (BMM) go to http://www.business-market-management.de/