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Introduction to Business Informatics


InstructorProf. Dr. Daniel Fürstenau, Prof. Dr. Martin Gersch, Prof. Dr. Natalia Kliewer
Scope of Course180 hours
Credit Points6

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Course description

The module consists of three principal sections: Technology, applications and basics of system development:

  • Basics of business user systems: support levels, architecture, standard software with application examples
  • System platforms and networking: computer architectures, in particular client-server architectures, by Neumann Architecture, total cost of ownership of systems, EDI, computer networks, smart card technologies
  • Internet technologies: World Wide Web, HTML, http protocol, web browser and plug-ins, web applications and web services
  • Electronic Business (EB): Definitions and distinction, development phases and forms of EB, digital products, electronic commerce, payment systems, security aspects, consequences and problems of EB
  • Basics of cryptography: symmetric and asymmetric encryption, RSA algorithm, message integrity, digital signature and trust center, Internet security, SSL encryption
  • Development of computer-supported information systems: Methods, techniques and principles for system development, modelling of business processes, data view and data design, data modelling, algorithms, Visual Basic for Application (VBA)
  • Databases: Relational database systems, SQL, relational database design. The contents of the module are impart by a lecture and an accompanying exercise. The module requires that exercises are solved independently on the PC.

Lecture + Exam:

Lecture with integrated tutorial
final exam
Co-Event: Tutorials on Business Informatics

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Department Wirtschaftsinformatik