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Digitale Transformation im Gesundheitswesen

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Martin Gersch, Lars Stegemann

  • Empirical analysis of current e-health/health-IT projects of the Innovationsfonds
  • Economical implications of e-health applications, health-IT and integrated care
  • Economical analysis of innovative e-health-based business models
  • Empirical analysis of digital service innovations in e-health
  • Economical/technical analysis of e-health startups
  • Methodical Challenge of benefit assessments of digital health applications
  • Blockchain, economical/technological challenges of blockchain applications in e-health
  • Empirical analysis of service ecosystems/platforms from providers of Electronic Health Record/E-prescription solutions
  • Donation of data from electronic health records – process-oriented challenges of a research data center
  • E-health standards and the role of interoperability
  • Analysis of changes in E-health due to open standards
Competence Center E-Commerce
Entrepreneurial Network University (ENU)
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Department Information Systems