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E-Health/ Digital Health

The following employees should be contacted primarily for the following main topics: Alexa Danelski, Tim Schurig or Arthur Kari

  • Economic analysis of innovative e-health/digital health applications, e.g. as part of the Innovation Fund, Hospital Future Act, Medical Informatics Initiative
  • Generating benefits through patient communities
  • Analysing digital health innovations from the perspective of tensions
  • Economic analysis of innovative business models in digital health, e.g:
    • Health platforms and emerging ecosystems
    • Electronic patient records
    • Telemedicine
    • Digital health and care applications (DiGA, DiPA)
  • Barriers, challenges, tensions of integration processes of electronic patient records (ePA) as well as digital health applications (DiGA) or care applications (DiPA)
  • Value networks in comparison of German and American healthcare systems - analysis of relevant stakeholders in the healthcare data space
  • Paradigm shift of the business model from proprietary to interoperable interfaces using the example of PVS or HIS manufacturers
  • Economic, critical or future-oriented analysis of the interoperability of various applications in the area of telematics infrastructure (TI), e.g. electronic patient records (ePA), ePrescription, DiGAs or DiPAs
Competence Center E-Commerce
Entrepreneurial Network University (ENU)
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