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Platforms and platform ecosystems

The following employees should be contacted primarily: Tim Schurig or Arthur Kari

  • Platform strategies of selected platforms
  • Balancing platform governance
  • Operator and business models of platform-based data ecosystems to enable smart services
  • Comparison of platform and ecosystem design parameters of different industries (technical, economic, legal or political perspective)
  • Participation opportunities in data ecosystems and implications for value co-creation
  • Scaling an ecosystem in terms of citizen participation and innovators through various incentive mechanisms
  • Interoperability, complementary services including digital therapeutics (DTx), digital health applications (DiGAs, apps on prescription) and digital care applications (DiPA)
  • Various data trust models (and their feasibility in federated data spaces)
  • Incentive mechanisms for data sharing and existing barriers to data sharing, especially in private sector organisations (with facilitation through federated data spaces to break down current barriers?)
  • Organisational data culture and federated data spaces
Competence Center E-Commerce
Entrepreneurial Network University (ENU)
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