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Research at our Chair of Information Systems

In our research area "Intelligent Planning and Control in Transportation" we focus on actual questions and problems that require the application of established methods of quantitative decision support combined with intelligent data analysis. Under the heading “Robust Efficiency” we are looking for new approaches that will enable a highly cost-efficient production of transportation services under changing conditions in a risky and unstable environment.

To optimize the revenue side in transportation companies, we develop concepts and models for the integration of customer relationship management in the long-term revenue management and the use of competitive information. Central as well are the questions of revenue management for airline alliances and dealing with complex models and small numbers in practical application of revenue management.

Key research areas:

  • Decision-supporting systems in the fields of transport and logistics
  • Network models and algorithms for public transport and air traffic
  • Robust Planning for airlines and public transport operators
  • Congestion Management
  • Airline Revenue Management

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