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Information Systems in Transport and Traffic: Networks, Transport Logistics and Metaheuristics

Degree Program
Master's degree program

There are no direct entry requirements, but the successful completion of the module "Operations Research" or a comparable module is recommended. In addition, existing programming skills are an advantage.

Excerpt from the study and examination regulations:

Qualification goals
Students can present problems in a structured way that is suitable for natural analogous methods. They can design, prototype, implement and calibrate metaheuristics for solving different optimization tasks. They are able to develop the software implementation independently or as part of a team and to present the results and findings of the application of metaheuristics to both scientific and practical audiences.

Students of the module acquire knowledge about different metaheuristics and the underlying concepts, as well as application areas and current challenges. This includes, among others, an overview of different types of metaheuristics and nature-analog methods, fundamentals and concepts of metaheuristics and nature-analog methods, application areas and challenges of metaheuristics and nature-analog methods, as well as in-depth coverage of topics such as evolutionary and genetic algorithms, neural networks, simulated annealing, tabu search, ant search methods.



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