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Diversity Representative
at the School of Business & Economics

Anja Brüggemann
(M.F.A, M.A., M.A.)

Phone: +49 (0)30 838 62959

Email: anja.brueggemann@fu-berlin.de

Diversity at the School of Business & Economics

Diversity as a guiding dimension of good teaching and learning:

  • Freie Universität Berlin recognizes diversity in the sense of multidimensional and interlocking differences between people along social categories and is committed to the equal participation of all those involved in teaching and learning.
  • The University is committed to equal opportunity, to reducing intersectional inequalities, and to barrier- and discrimination-free teaching and learning environments.
  • Teaching, learning, and advising opportunities are designed to be diversity-aware and discrimination-critical, taking into account the different starting points of all participants.
  • While diversity competence is both a learning goal in studies and a quality feature in teaching and university didactics, diversity aspects are taken into account at the structural level, in access to studies and in the curriculum.

The School of Business and Economics values diversity of people and ideas - we are an inclusive, supportive community where you can be engaged or stand out with confidence. Well-coordinated services and programs empower students and provide equal access to education and university life. Our mentoring program helps new students develop needed skills and connections to overcome challenges on and off campus. The department's International Office also helps international students achieve their academic and personal goals while on exchange. A wide range of involvement opportunities, career resources, and support programs are offered to all department members, focusing on diverse identities and contributing to overall success and well-being.

Measures at the School of Business & Economics

The School of Business and Economics promotes the respectful, benevolent interaction and equality in the work and study environment.
In addition to legal requirements, there are further measures and facilities at the faculty.

Conseling & Complaints

Depending on the reason for the consultation and the complaint, students, employees, scientists and other members of the university have access to different facilities.