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Measures at the School of Business & Economics

The School of Business and Economics promotes respectful, benevolent interaction and equality in the work and study environment. All forms of discrimination must be prevented. It is essential to protect against sexual harassment and violence.

Harassment occurs when unwanted gender-related conduct has the purpose or effect of violating the dignity of the person concerned and creating an environment of intimidation, hostility, humiliation, degradation or insult. Sexual harassment is a service offense.

In addition to legal requirements, the department monitors compliance with the following policies and facilities:

  • Mandatory workshop for new instructors "(Digital) Teaching in Economics Gender and Diversity Aware" (every semester).
  • Mandatory workshop for tutors/teaching assistants "Gender and diversity at the university" (every semester)
  • Mentoring project by female doctoral students for female master's students to deepen academic exchange, motivate interest in an academic career, expand support during the doctoral phase (all year)
  • Workshop "Gender in Academia: Career Coaching for Young Women Scientists" (annually)
  • Diversity presentation "Numbers & Future at the Department of Economics" at the central inFUtag for prospective students (annually)
  • Diversity presentation "Diversity as a guiding dimension of good teaching and learning" to welcome all new economics program cohorts during orientation week (annually)
  • Supplementation of the inventory of gender/diversity literature in the library of the Department of Economics (year-round)
  • Parent-child room in the main building of the School of Business and Economics (year-round)

For numerous other measures and information, please also visit the website of the Equal Opportunity Officer of the School of Business and Economics.