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Women's- &
Equal Opportunity Representative
at the School of Business & Economics

Gerke Schlickmann
Catalina Wache (Vice)

Email: frauenbeauftragte@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de

Women & Equal Opportunity at the School of Business & Economics

A significant focus of the work of the Women's & Equal Opportunity Representative is the promotion and implementation of equal opportunities at the School of Business and Economics, also taking into account a diverse understanding of gender beyond the binary model.

This includes, among other things, advising and supporting all women* at the school (students, employees, academic staff*, professors*, etc.), information and public relations work, as well as participation in appointment and hiring procedures and decision-making bodies.

Although up to now the promotion of women* (persons who identify as women) has been the core task of the Women's Representative, we also see it as our responsibility to support other systemically disadvantaged genders in terms of equal opportunities, and we are pleased that the office is now officially called Women's & Equal Opportunity Representative.

Equality of all genders is also enshrined in Freie Universität's equal opportunity concept:

The overarching goal is the equal participation of all genders in science, research, education, and administration.

Gender mainstreaming is pursued as an institutional strategy.

Beyond the equal representation of all genders, discriminatory and exclusionary structures are analyzed and dismantled.

Freie Universität strives to enable equal participation and an appreciative teaching, learning, and working environment for all, as also stated in the diversity concept.

We provide information and advice on the topics:

  • Women's and gender studies
  • Equal opportunity concepts and measures
  • (Scientific) career opportunities
  • Studying/working with children, maternity/parental leave, care responsibilities
  • Allocation of funding for women
  • Opportunities for gender self-determination of trans*, inter* and non-binary (TIN*) university members