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Change of first name different from birth name (TIN* students).

News from Feb 15, 2022

At Freie Universität Berlin, several thousand people study and work, with different identities and backgrounds. This includes gender diversity such as trans* and inter* people, non-binary people, and cisgender women and men.

To this end, the Presidential Board of the FU Berlin decided on 09.11.2021 to make the administrative procedure for changing the first name of TIN* students more low-threshold.

  • In case of an official change of the first or last name, the name will be adjusted in all systems and documents (including the Campuscard as well as graduation documents). Attach proof, e.g., marriage/divorce certificate, ID card, or court order. 
  • Trans*, inter*, and non-binary students may use a first name that differs from their legal first name in all systems and internal university documents (including Campuscard). Only degree certificates/certificates and certificates that do not have a matriculation or application number must still be issued with the official name. Only a supplementary identity card of the German Society for Transidentity and Intersexuality (DGTI) is required as proof.
  • Changing the display name in the online platforms is possible for all students, e.g. a short form of the first name or the name used in everyday life can be displayed as "call name" in Webex, Blackboard, Box.FU, ZEDAT portal and Exchange mail system. Documents (e.g. Campuscard) are not affected by the change. No proofs are required for this change.

Once the change has been made, the e-mail address can also be adjusted in the ZEDAT portal.

A change of the gender entry is also possible in a low-threshold manner via an e-mail to the student administration.

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