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Veröffentlichungen in Fachzeitschriften / Publications in refereed journals:

“Job Satisfaction and Sorting into the Public and Private Sector: Evidence from a Natural Experiment.” Labour Economics, 2019, Vol. 57: 46-62.

Paid Parental Leave and Children’s Schooling Outcomes.” The Economic Journal, 2018, Vol. 128 (608): 81-117 (with V. Lavy) 
News, April 25, 2019: This articlehas been included in the inaugural Virtual Issue of The Economic Journal and can be downloaded here (temporary open access).

The Long-Run Consequences of Chernobyl: Evidence on Subjective Well-Being, Mental Health and Welfare.” Journal of Public Economics, 2016, Vol. 135: 47–60.(with A. Danzer)

Fixed-Term Employment and Fertility: Evidence from German Micro Data.” CESifo Economic Studies, 2016, Vol. 62 (4): 595-623.(with W. Auer)

Poverty during Transition: Household Survey Evidence from Ukraine.” Journal of Comparative Economics, 2010, Vol. 38, 2: 123–145. (with T. Brück, A. Danzer, A. Muravyev)


Buchkapitel / Book Chapters

Labour Market Restructuring and Poverty: Evidence from Ukraine.” 
In: Brück, T. and H. Lehmann (Eds.): In the Grip of Transition: Economic and Social Consequences of Restructuring in Russia and Ukraine. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan, 2012: 173-204. (with T. Brück, A. Danzer, A. Muravyev)

Fostering Growth in CEE countries: a country-tailored approach to growth policy.” In: Radosevic, S. and A. Kaderabkova (Eds.): Challenges for European Innovation Policy. Cohesion and Excellence from a Schumpeterian Perspective. Cheltenham (UK), Northhampton (US): Edward Elgar, 2011: 47-76. (with P. Aghion and H. Harmgart)

Fostering growth in transition economies.” In: Growth in transition. EBRD: Transition Report 2008, Chapter 3: 48-63. (with P. Aghion and H. Harmgart)


Politikorientierte Veröffentlichungen / Policy-Related Publications

The Psychological Long-run Effects of the Nuclear Catastrophe of Chernobyl“ [Original Title: Die psychischen Langzeitfolgen der Nuklearkatastrophe von Tschernobyl.] ifo Schnelldienst, 2016, 69 (07): 33-38. (with A. Danzer and A. Fichtl)

The Psychological Long-run Consequences of the Nuclear Catastrophe of Chernobyl“ [Original Title: Die psychischen Langzeitfolgen der Nuklearkatastrophe von Tschernobyl.] Ukraine Analysen, 2016, No: 167, 13-18. (with A. Danzer)

“Economic Uncertainty: Fixed-Term Contracts Impede Family Formation” [Original Title: Ökonomische Unsicherheit: Befristete Verträge erschweren Familiengründung.] ifo Schnelldienst, 2015, 68 (18): 28-36. (with W. Auer and A. Fichtl)

Child Benefit and Child Allowances in Germany: Their Impact on Family Policy Goals", CESifo DICE Report, 2014, 12 (1): 37-45. (with Rainer, Helmut, Stefan Bauernschuster, Anita Fichtl, Timo Hener, Christian Holzner and Janina Reinkowski)

Child Benefits and Allowances in Germany: Evaluating their Impact on Family-Policy related Goals“ [Original Title: Kindergeld und Kinderfreibeträge in Deutschland: Evaluierung der Auswirkungen auf familienpolitische Ziele.] ifo Schnelldienst, 2013, 66 (09): 28-36. (with H. Rainer, S. Bauernschuster, A. Fichtl, T. Hener, Ch. Holzner and J. Reinkowski)

Publicly Subsidized Child Care in Germany: Evaluating The Effect on the Labour Force Participation of Mothers“ [Original Title: Öffentlich geförderte Kinderbetreuung in Deutschland: Evaluierung der Auswirkungen auf die Arbeitsmarktbeteiligung von Müttern.] ifo Schnelldienst, 2013, 66 (07): 31-40. (with H. Rainer, W. Auer, S. Bauernschuster, A. Fichtl, T. Hener, Ch. Holzner, J. Reinkowski and M. Werding)

Poverty in Ukraine during Recession and Recovery“. [Original Title: Armut in der Ukraine in Rezession und Aufschwung.] In: Ukraine-Analysen, 2010, No. 78: 2-7. (with A. Danzer)

Germany’s presidency of the European council: Taking the opportunity to shape Europe’s future and sustainability“ [Original Title: Deutschlands EU-Ratspräsidentschaft: Chancen zur Gestaltung der Zukunftsfähigkeit Europas nutzen.] In: DIW-Wochenbericht 51-52/2006: 729-738. (with C. Binzel et al.)

Arbeitspapiere / Working Papers

“Parental Leave, (In)Formal Child-care and Children’s Long-term Outcomes.” IZA Discussion paper No. 10812, Mai 2017. (mit M. Halla, N. Schneeweis und M. Zweimüller)

Uncertainty in the labour market: How does fixed-term employment affect fertility and mental health of the young generation?” (with W. Auer), IBS Working paper 06/2015.

Aktuelle Projekte / Work in Progress

“The Impact of a Nuclear Catastrophe on Economic and Political Preferences – The Case of Chernobyl” (with A. Danzer and E. Fehr)

“Pension generosity and mental well-being at old age: Evidence from an unexpected pension reform.” (with A. Danzer)

“Local Labour Markets and Health at Birth” (with T. Hener and P. Reich)