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How to Apply

  • Quality assurance
  • Transferable skills training
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Networking
  • Preparation for the job market
  • Additional Benefits: Financial Support by DPBR:

    • Up to 400 EUR for one conference trip You must present at international conferences in Germany or abroad
    • Up to 250 EUR for external courses which are part of doctoral programs/ graduate schools such as Dahlem Research School (Professional Development Program) or VHB ProDok

DPBR membership is open to all PhD students who are admitted as doctoral candidates at the School of Business & Economics at Freie Universität Berlin. For admission to the doctorate procedure at our faculty: http://www.wiwiss.fu-berlin.de/en/studium-lehre/promotion/index.html

The program supports especially during the first two years (qualification and specialization phase).

Application Process

1. Admission to doctoral studies at the FU

The prerequisite for participation in the DPBR is admission to doctoral studies at Freie Universität's School of Business and Economics.

2. Application for the DPBR

To enrol in the DPBR, please apply by submitting the following documents to the program coordinator:

  • A copy of the "Zulassung zur Promotion" issued by the Promotionsausschuss
  • A copy of your research proposal for the PhD project
  • A signed supervision agreement (“Betreuungsvereinbarung”).  This document requires the consent of students’ main supervisor regarding the creation of a supervision team and commitment to active participation in DPBR modules. By signing the supervisory agreement, applicants acknowledge their adherence to the FU Berlin's Code of Academic Conduct (Ehrenkodex).
  • A brief tabular CV with an overview of relevant qualifications and experience

Please send your application by email to dpbr@zedat.fu-berlin.de or hand it to the program coordinator.

3. Decision on admission by the DPBR Executive Committee

The DPBR Executive Committee meets approximately every 6 months and decides, among other things, on the admission of applicants. 

4. Notification of admission 

The Program Manager informs about the admission to the DPBR by Email. 
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