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Program structure

PhD candidates within the DPBR are required to complete a study program of 30 credits for completion. One Credit Point (Leistungspunkt) is equivalent to approximately 30 hours of individual student workload.

Of these 30 CP, at least 10 are required in the Theoretical foundations (Fachwissenschaftlicher Teil) section, at least 8 in the Research methods (Methodik) section and a minimum of 6 credit points in the Professional Skills section. As part of these requirements, all candidates participate in the core module Approaches to Business Research, plus at least one seminar focusing on theoretical developments in a more specific field of business research and present their PhD project within a Colloquium.

Participants are encouraged to participate in external course offerings that can be credited for the DPBR.

Students, who have successfully completed the DPBR, receive a certificate of successful participation and a transcript on which all courses taken are 


Program Structure:

  • Writing for publications (2 CP)
  • Presentation at international conferences (2 CP)
  • DRS courses (e.g. presentation skills, didactics, etc. - 1-2 CP)
  • FU-Stat courses (e.g. SPSS, STATA, R, etc. - 1 CP)
  • Participation in seminar series (e.g. FACTS Lectures, Forschungswerkstatt, etc. - 1 CP)
  • Qualitative Methods (2-4 CP)
  • Quantitative Methods (2-4 CP)
  • Research Method Workshops: Selected Topics (e.g. experiments, survey design, econometrics, simulations, QCA, etc. - 1-2 CP)
  • External methodology courses (e.g. VHB, summer schools, etc.)
  • Approaches to Business Research (req'd. / Pflichtkurs) - 4 CP)
  • Theoretical Frontiers in Business Research: Selected Topics (e.g. Marketing theory, Organization Theory, Theory in FACTS, etc) (req'd. at least once / Wahlpflicht - 4 CP)
  • PhD Colloquium (req'd. at least once / Wahlpflicht - 2 CP)
  • Gaining own teaching experience (max. 4 CP)
  • External modules

Every PhD is individual and participation in the DPBR should be tailored to the candidate's project and interests. However, the development of PhDs within DPBR differs from both the traditional PhD model and the typical graduate school model.

To get an overview of exemplary program developments, you are welcome to have a look at the following examples in Marketing or FACTS.

You can download our official program regulations here.

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