Graduate students of the first cohort

On April 1st, 2008, the research center said goodbye to the first cohort of graduate students.

On July 4th, 2008 at 6 pm, was a closing get-together at the WBZ of the FU, Otto-von-Simson-Straße 13.


  • Bach, Thomas, Dipl.-Vw.
    Path Dependencies on the German Broadband Market - Information Economics and Customer Perceptions

  • Botzem, Sebastian, Dipl.-Pol.
    Transnational Ordering by Experts: Cross-Border Standardization in the Field of Financial Corporate Reporting as Path Creation

  • Dobusch, Leonhard, Mag.
    Away from the Windows path? Four municipal administrations between market, technology and organization.

  • Mante, Anja, Dipl.-Soz.
    Stabilization of Organizational Routines as Path Processes? Analyzing the Role of Partner Routines in Interorganizational Product Development Projects.

  • Roedenbeck, Marc, Dipl.-Ing.
    Consideration of the Muenchhausen Dilemma: Self-Reinforcement of Mental Constructions and their Mental Self-Refraction by New Coaching Methods?

  • Schüßler, Elke, M.Sc.
    Strategic Processes and Persistence: Path-Dependent Value Chain Management in the German Clothing Industry


  • Strobel, Jan Christopher, MA
    Path dependence versus innovation? Royal Dutch Shell's exploration of alternative fuels and strategic path management


  • Tepe, Markus, MA
    Regimes, Institutions and Temporality in the Political Economy of Welfare Reform.


Stays abroad of the alumni


  • Botzem, Sebastian, Dipl.-Pol.
    May - June 2007 Oxford University, Said Business School (UK)
    Visiting Researcher

    March - May 2006 Uppsala Universitet (Sweden)
    Visiting research fellow

  • Schüßler, Elke, M.Sc
    September - December 2007 University of Cambridge (UK)
    Visiting Researcher

  • Tepe, Markus, MA
    February - June 2007 Yale University (USA)
    Visiting Assistant in Research,
    Leitner Program in International and Comparative Political Economy