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Marc Roedenbeck

Dipl. Ing.

Freie Universität Berlin
Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft
Graduiertenkolleg: „Pfade organisatorischer Prozesse“
Garystr. 21
D-14195 Berlin

Tel.: 030/838-57180
Fax: 030/838-57186
Email: pfadkolleg @ wiwiss.fu-berlin.de

Dissertation topic:
  • Consideration of the Muenchhausen Dilemma: Self-Reinforcement of Mental Constructions and their Mental Self-Refraction by New Coaching Methods? Research in path dependency has mostly focused on markets, technologies or societies, meaning that the role of the individual has been in the background of research. This project is therefore focused on the observer within his or her environment. By analyzing constructivist perspectives in science, a model is developed that helps to characterize the individual development of the observer as an individual path and contributes to the further development of the concept of recursion.

Curriculum Vitae:

Human Resource young professionals award 2005, within the TOP 10 of the Diplom Thesis (evaluated according to innovation, relevance, actuality, coverage & theoretical funding)

Since 04/2005
Member of the Doctoral Program "Research on Organizational Paths"

Diplom in Business and Engineering (Dipl. Ing.), Technische Universität Berlin

Diploma Thesis: "A complex model of job satisfaction: New theoretical framework with consideration of important research results and development of a first dynamic online-survey"

1999 - 2004
Studies in Business and Engineering (Dipl. Ing.) at "Technische Universitaet Braunschweig" and "Technische Universitaet Berlin"

Job Experience and Internships:

Graduate Assistant at the 'Heinrich-Hertz-Institut (IT)' of the 'Fraunhofergesellschaft', Berlin

1997 - 2005
freelancer as an IT & Management Consulter (i.e. co.don® AG; Römer Insolvenzverwaltung, ev. Krankenhaus Wülfrath)

1997 - 2003
Internships in different Corporations (i.e. NEC Europe; Bodycote Materials Testing, Kanada)

Research Interesst:
  • Emotions (esp. Job Satisfaction)
  • Workplace Spirituality
  • Path Dependence, Institutions & Ideology
  • Analytic Psychology in Management
  • Dynamic Online-Surveys

Conference Papers & Journal Publications:
  • Roedenbeck, MRH. 2005 (July). Ein komplexes Modell der Arbeitszufriedenheit. Poster presented at the 13. DGFP-Congress of the German Association for Personnel Management, Wiesbaden.
  • Roedenbeck MRH, Strobel JC, Tepe M. 2005. Walking through the Path-Dice: How to Measure the Single Phases of Path Dependency. Paper presented at the workshop 'Measuring Path Dependency', 5.-6.09.2005, Berlin.
  • Roedenbeck MRH. 2006. Management and 'huna': Integrating 'Ancient' Hawai'ian Spirituality into Daily Ethical Management?. Paper presented at the conference on 'Ethical Aspects of Management in Theory and Practice', 11.-13.05.2006, Berlin.
  • Strobel JC & Roedenbeck MRH. 2006. How to Shape Markets for Fuel-Efficient Automobiles? Lessons from the Success-Story of Diesel Cars in Germany. Paper präsentiert auf dem '22nd EGOS Colloquium', Bergen, Norwegen.
  • Roedenbeck MRH, Nothnagel B, Strobel JC. 2006. Simulating Path Dependent Processes - Extending Arthur’s Model. Paper presented at the EIASM-workshop‚Organizing Paths - Paths of Organizing’ 03.-04.11.2006, Berlin, BRD.
  • Haase M, Roedenbeck MRH & Söllner A. 2007. Institutional Rigidity and the Lock-in Between Mental Models and Ideologies. Paper presented at the ISNIE-Conference 2007, 21.-23.05.2007, Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Roedenbeck MRH. 2007. Spirituality in Organizational Self-Transformation. The Case of the Hawai'ian Spirituality 'huna'. Paper presented at the ICAM-Conference 2007, 18.-21.7.2007, Niagara Falls, Kanada.
  • Roedenbeck MRH. 2007. "Spirituality in Organizational Self-Transformation. The Case of the Hawai'ian Spirituality 'huna'". Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual International Conference on Advances in Management, 14(2007): 103-106.
  • Roedenbeck MRH & Strobel JC. (2007). "Book-Review: Wütherich, Hans A., Osmetz, Dirk und Kaduk, Stefan. 2006. Musterbrecher. Führung neu leben. Gabler, Wiesbaden." Zeitschrift für Organisationsentwicklung, 2007(4): 104.
  • Roedenbeck MRH & Nothnagel B. 2007. "Rethinking Lock-in and Locking: Adopters Facing Network Effects". Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 11(1): 4.
  • Roedenbeck MRH & Holtmann P. 2008. "Raus aus der Pfadabhängigkeit – rein in die Pfadgestaltung!". Zeitschrift für Organisationsentwicklung, 2008(4): 76-84. 
  • Haase M, Roedenbeck MRH & Söllner A. 2009. A sketch of a mechanism-based explanation of cognitive path processes, lock-in of individual mental models and institutional rigidity. In AG Scherer, IM Kaufmann, M Patzer (Hg), Methoden in der Betriebswirtschaftslehre, S. 21-46. Wiesbaden: Gabler.
  • Roedenbeck MRH & Holtmann JP. 2009. Gegen den Strom: Wie das Management sich vor Pfadabhängigkeit schützen kann, SEM-RADAR - Zeitschrift für Systemdenken und Entscheidungsfindung, 8 (1): S. 112-146.