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Considering a Habilitation at the School of Business & Economics?

The prerequisite is the support and "supervision" of the habilitation procedure by a professor of our school.

The initiation of the procedure by the departmental council takes place through the submission of an application and simultaneous presentation of the project in the departmental council.

Please check our habilitation regulations to see if you meet the requirements and contact Manuela Kasper with any further questions regarding timetable, details of the application, etc.

Rules & Guidelines

* this is the English translation of a German text. Only the German version is legally binding.


Habilitation Office

Manuela Kasper

Garystr. 21,14195 Berlin
2nd floor, room 319
Phone: +49 (0)30 838 52294
Email: manuela.kasper@fu-berlin.de

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