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Company Law

Company Law (Subarea of Law)


Lecturer: Gregor Bachmann


Learning Objectives

The module conveys advanced knowledge in company law with a special emphasis on companies with limited liability. This knowledge will enable students to assess the advantages and risks of the different legal structures that are available for the organization of economic activities. Economic interests and legal rights of the various stakeholders of a company will become transparent. The discussion of numerous practical legal cases is aimed at giving students a deeper insight in legal conflicts and their resolution in the field of company law.

  • The basics of company law
  • The legal forms of GbR, OHG, KG and EWiV
  • The legal forms of AG, GmbH and also SE
  • Basics of worker participation rights in company law
  • Basics of business combination law.





Forms of Teaching and Learning Classrooms Presence in Hours Forms of Active Participation Workload in Hours
Lecture, Tutorial 4 hours per week (fall semester) Solving practice cases, independent studying of subject matter Lecture attendance 60

Preparation and studying of subject matter, tutorial assignments 60

Preparation and taking of exam 30


Language: German

Total workload: 150

Module duration: One semester

Module frequency: Every fall semester

Prerequisites: None. Completion of a course covering the modules “Private Law”, ”Public Law” and “Commercial and “Company Law” in the bachelor course “Business Studies” at the Freie Universität Berlin is however strongly recommended.