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Module Description and Syllabus

The FACTS Master brochure provides information on the FACTS Master program at Freie Universität Berlin, including information on the program structure, compulsory and elective courses, partner universities and teaching staff.

The following table gives an example of a study plan, as described in the study regulations.

Studienverlaufsplan FACTS engl

Studienverlaufsplan FACTS engl

* Obligatory courses, § 4 Abs. 3 Nr. 1 Study Regulations (StO) will be taught in English
  all other modules will be taught in German (also the exams have to be written in German!)

The area of law is considered to be completed when at least 6 but maximum 12 credit points have been gained. The students can chose from the following modules:

- European Law

- Company Law

- Tax Law

- Conversion and insolvency law.

The elective areas are considered to be completed when at least 18 credit points have been earned. The students can choose from among the following modules:

- Seminar: selected questions on financing

- Seminar: selected questions on taxation

- Seminar: selected questions on managerial accounting

- Seminar: selected questions on financial accounting and auditing

Information Regarding the Planning of Studies:

  •  Accreditation of exams

Students enrolled in the FACTS Master’s program are asked to contact the course coordinator, Prof. Dr. Jochen Bigus, directly for questions regarding the accreditation of exams. It is not possible to accredit exams before the students have been admitted to the FACTS Master’s program.

  • Application for a Master's thesis

 To be eligible to apply for a Master’s thesis, students must be able to prove that they have accumulated at least 48 credit points at the time of application (see § 6 par. 2 of the exam regulations). Furthermore, successful participation in at least one seminar before the time of application for a Master’s thesis is internally required by all chairs. Thus, students submitting their application for a master’s thesis at the chair where they enrolled for the seminar always have an advantage.