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Business-to-Business Marketing

Prof. Dr. Michael Kleinaltenkamp


Learning Objectives

The overall objectives of this course are to create an understanding of the basic principles of business-to-business markets as well as the methods for analyzing such markets, and the marketing strategies that can be applied. On the basis of theoretical and methodological inputs and the presentation of practical examples, students should achieve the ability to analyze the specifi c challenges of business-to-business markets and to develop marketing concepts for such markets.

  • Value chain structures on business-to-business markets
  • Customer value and competitive advantages in business-to-business markets
  • Procurement management and organizational buying behavior
  • Analyzing customers and competitors in business-tobusiness markets
  • Segmenting business-to-business markets
  • Business types
  • Marketing management for business-to-business markets
  • Customer relationship management
  • Multi-stage marketing


Forms of Teaching and Learning Classroom Presence in Hours Forms of Active Participation Workload in Hours




2 per semester week



1 per semester week

Discussion, short presentations, comments on theses

Presentation of course exercises, case study work

Classroom lecture 30

Classroom exercises 15

Preparation and wrap-up 45

Course exercises work 40

Revision and test 20

Language German and English

Total Workload 150 hours

Duration of Module 1 semester

Frequency of Module Off ering Spring semester

Prerequisites none

Forms of Teaching and Learning Tests Credit Points Mandatory Participation
Lecture/Tutorial Exam 120 min.

Oral presentation 20 min.

Contribution during discussions









Credit Points 5