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Marketing Case Study Seminar

Michael Kleinaltenkamp


Learning Objectives

The overall objectives of this course are for the student to gain knowledge about typical marketing problems and to be able to independently develop solutions for them on a methodic basis. In the fi rst part of the seminar, papers on theoretic and methodological basics, which have a close relation to the tasks of the case studies or business games, should help the student to understand the relevant problems and to use a methodic approach. In the second part of the seminar the students will develop within group discussion solutions for the selected cases of consumer, business-to-business, or services marketing; or the tasks to be solved within a business game. They will then present their results in a plenary discussion. Through this, the student will achieve or enhance their capabilities for the proper application of their marketing knowledge to specifi c problems and for preparing, describing and illustrating complex marketing issues in a structured way.

  • Case studies on consumer marketing and/or
  • Case studies on business-to-business marketing and/or
  • Case studies on services marketing and/or
  • Marketing business game


Forms of Teaching and Learning Classroom Presence in Hours Forms of Active Participation Workload in Hours
Seminar (part 1) 1 per semester week Presentation of a paper Classroom meetings

(part 1) 15

Seminar (part 2)

2 per semester week

Group discussion, work on group results, presentation of group results and plenary discussion

Classroom meetings (part 2) 30

Literature review and writing of the paper 90 Presentation of the paper 15

Language English

Total Workload 150 hours

Duration of Module 1 semester

Frequency of Module Off ering Fall semester

Prerequisites none

Forms of Teaching and Learning Tests Credit Points Mandatory Participation
Seminar (part 1)

Seminar (part 2)

Term paper 5.000 words

Oral presentation 20 min.

Contribution during discussions











Credit Points 5