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Knowledge Management Seminar

Thomas Mellewigt


Learning Objectives
  • Knowledge of the prevailing streams, problems, and defi cits of the empirical research on knowledge management
  • Capability to independently and systematically search for and analyze literature in libraries and databases
  • Capability to use skills and knowledge to work on prespecifi ed research questions
  • Capability to structure and outline complex topics and to contextualize them

Current topics in knowledge management with special focus on empirical research. Topics are, for example: measuring knowledge; knowledge management and learning in strategic alliances and networks; sharing and transferring knowledge in organizations; competitive advantage and lock-in eff ects through knowledge in organizations.


Forms of Teaching and Learning Classroom Presence in Hours Forms of Active Participation Workload in Hours


3 per semester week

Term paper Presentation

Active oral participation in the seminar

Attendance 45

Reading 30

Writing term paper 30

Preparing a presentation 25

Preparing the seminar 20

Language German

Total Workload 150 hours

Duration of Module 1 semester

Frequency of Module Off ering Fall semester

Prerequisites none

Forms of Teaching and Learning Tests Credit Points Mandatory Participation

Term paper 5.000 words

Oral presentation 20 min.

Contribution during discussions











Credit Points 5