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Leadership and Innovation

Prof. Dr. Georg Schreyögg

Learning Objectives

  • Educate students in the leading areas of theory and practice associated with leadership, innovation and change.
  • Understanding concepts and frameworks of motivation in organizational processes.
  • Developing skills and capabilities essential to leading others.
  • Gaining a better understanding of own leadership preferences, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Understanding and applying frameworks for diagnosing and resolving leadership problems in organizational settings.
  • Recognizing structures and processes that affect group performance, and reviewing common pitfalls associated with working in teams.
  • Cultivating mindsets and building skills to understand the ways in which organizations and their members affect one another.
  • Developing useful approaches for recognizing and dealing with change in business.
  • Understanding the behavior of individuals and groups to be able to innovative management systems.
  • Mastering concepts, frameworks, and tools to assess a firm’s innovativeness and to foster creativity and flexibility.


The “leadership and innovation” module covers these main issues:

  • Management process
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Small-group behavior
  • Intergroup- confl ict and cooperation
  • Successful and unsuccessful change
  • Organizational development
  • Transforamtional change
  • Drivers of innovation,
  • Innovation and inertia
  • Innovation management systems
  • Open innovation


Students will present a specific topic in short presentations in class.During discussions the theoretical frameworks and tools will be applied to specific case studies.


Forms of Teaching and Learning Classroom Presence in Hours Forms of Active Participation Workload in Hours


Interactive Discussion Sessions

2 per semester week


2 per semester week

Discussion questions, short presentations


Analysis of case studies

Attendance 60

Preparation before and after lectures 25

Preparation of case studies 20

Preparation of the presentation 20

Preparation of final exam and exam itself 25

Language German

Total Workload 150 hours

Duration of Module 1 semester

Frequency of Module Off ering Fall semester

Prerequisites none

Forms of Teaching and Learning Tests Credit Points Mandatory Participation



Exam 120 min.

Oral presentation 20 min.

Case study 2.000 words









Credit Points 5