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Human Resource Management

Gertraude Krell and Barbara Sieben


Learning Objectives

Acquirement of in-depth knowledge of the basic conditions, action fields and instruments of Human Resource Management. Acquirement of knowledge of the three focal topics of “programmatic perspectives of personnel related teaching”, “service work” and “gender and diversity studies”. Ability to take these perspectives and work out their implications for personnel-related teaching and research as well as for practical Human Resource Management (analysis of concepts, instruments, arguments etc.from the diff erent theoretical/conceptual and actor-based perspectives).


Programmatic perspectives of personnel related teaching, service work, gender and diversity studies; analysis of Human Resource Management action fi elds (e.g., personnel selection, appraisal, development and rewards) from these perspectives; implications for personnel teaching and practical Human Resource Management.


Forms of Teaching and Learning Classroom Presence in Hours Forms of Active Participation Workload in Hours


Practical exercises

2 per semester week


1 per semester week

Preparation and post-processing of the addressed topics, discussions,

practical exercises in scientific writing, presentations

Attendance 45

Preparation and post-processing 45

Paper preparation 30

Exam preparation and exam itself 30

Language German

Total Workload 150 hours

Duration of Module 1 semester

Frequency of Module Off ering Fall semester

Prerequisites none

Forms of Teaching and Learning Tests Credit Points Mandatory Participation
Lecture and practical exercises Exam 120 min.

Case study 2.000 words

Contribution during discussions









Credit Points 5