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Why study Public Economics?

Our Master in Public Economics is to the best of our knowledge the only specialized economics master in the European Union that puts public finance, public economics and public policy at the heart of its curriculum. In the first two years you will learn advanced and modern methods of theoretical and empirical public economics which enable you to evaluate and reflect on public policy as well as give economically sound policy advice to practitioners.

As a public economist, you have to consider the institutional background of any policy measure that you want to discuss. Therefore, our program enables students to get a deeper knowledge of the German tax law and collective labor law by visiting lectures of the Department of Law at Freie Universität Berlin.

In addition, the program aims at providing meaningful insights into the working life of any research-orientated economist. For that matter, our program offers the possibility to gain working experience in a three-month internship or more research experience in a research project of similar length.

You will be able to learn from economist who have been working outside of academia for a long time as well. For instance, in our unique module Knowledge Transfer, you learn from real world economic journalists on how to communicate your profound knowledge with various stakeholders.

So if you are interested in public economic issues, want to broaden your institutional knowledge with a clear focus on Germany and want a Master program that is more applied then your typical economics program, our Master in Public Economics is the right choice for you.