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Semester Abroad

You can find more information about a semester abroad at the website of the International Office. Our Colleagues there can help you find and apply to a program of your liking.

Sandra Hallscheidt

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Accrediting Courses from your Semester Abroad

In order to study abroad during your Master's in Public Economics, there are somethings you should know first.

Our faculity has multiple partner institutes with which we work. You can find more information at the International Office.

The accredidation of the courses you took during your semester abroad begins before your semester abroad. You should talk to the Program Coordinator's Office before leaving. There, a Learning Agreement will be arranged for your semester abroad.

Pay attention when selecting course that the content, Credit Hours, and examination form fit within the Studien- und Prüfungsordnung of the Master's in Public Economics.

Through your own intiative and with the help from the faculity nothing stands in the way of your semester abroad!