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Application Deadlines

Applications to the first semester of the program: 15th April - 31st May

Application to higher semesters (Summer): 1st December - 15th January

Applications to higher semesters (Winter): 15th April - 31st May

For your successful application to our Master's in Public Finance, you must fulfill the general admissions requirements. The legal principls behind our selection criteria can be found in the following link:

 Entry by-laws of the Master's in Public Economics.

General Admissions Requirements

For your application, you need to have a degree from an institute of higher education (ie Bachelor or equivalent).

If your Bachelor's is not in Economics, you need to have at least 30 ECTS in economics courses and 18 ECTS in quantitative methods (Mathematics, Statistics, or Econometrics). You must have a sum total of 72 ECTS in economic and quantitative methods. 6 of the 72 ECTS must be in theoretical Micoreconomics. These 72 ECTS must be acheived before your application to the program. They cannot be handed in after you apply or made up for during your studies.

This prerequisite can be fulfilled with a German Abiturzeugnis with at least 6 years of english. If you are an international student, you can fulfill the prerequisite by studying at an institution of higher education, where English was primary language of study. You may also provide an English Test Certificate. You can find more information in the link below: 

Proof of English abilities

You need to provide proof of your German language skills. This is not necessary if your Bachelor's was done at a German Institute of Higher Education. You can find more information on this requirement and how to fufill it in the link below:

Proof of German abilites.

If you completed your Bachelor's at an institution outside of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), you can convert your transcripts to the ECTS system. You should ask the University, where you completed your Bachelor's, to provide a conversion table in your transcripts.

Additional Requirements for Applications to the First Semester

The application for the first semester gives you the oppurtunity to transition from your Bachelor's directly into the Master's. Our Master's only begins at the start of each winter semester. 

If you have not finished your Bacehlor's before the application deadline, you can still apply. You simply need to provide a Transcript, in which you have completed 2/3 of the total ECTS credits needed to finish your Bachelor's.

You application will then be accessed with the transcript provided. Your Bacehlor's will need to be coompleted at the latest by the end of the first semester of your Master's.

Additional Requirements for Applications to a Higher Semester

If you are currently in a Master's Program and wish to transfer, you can consider applying for entry to a higher semester. The begin of your studies is possible in the winter or summer semester.

As proof of this, please enclose a current certificate of enrollment and a transcript of records from a Master's program with creditable Master's achievements or registered examination achievements with your application documents.

If you stopped your studies for a longer period of time and wish to continue them again, this is only possible, if you did not fail out of the program in the first place. 

The addmission to a higher semester is only possible, if you are transferring within the standard 4 semester timeframe. for example, you cannot transfer in your 5th.

Selection Criteria

If you fulfill the educational and language prerequistes, you will be included in the formal selection process. Your application will be accessed via a method of selection points described below. 

You receive a maximum of 50 points based on your leaving Grade Point Average. For example, a 1.0 gets 50 points. A more detailed table can be found here: Entry by-laws.

A weighting of particular courses with a grade of at least 2.3 and 5 ECTS points is also done. This weighting is done for courses in:

Public Finance: Spending and or Revenue Policy, Game Theory, Econometrics, and Mathematics.

You can receive a maximum of 20 selection points from the course weighting system. 

The selection criteria for high semesters of study are decided centrally by the admissions office of the Freie Universität Berlin. You can find more information in the link below:

Acceptance to higher semesters of a caped Study Programs.

Deviations from these rules can be achieved with discrimination quotes and wait listing. 

Info about tuition

The Freie Universität Berlin has no tuition fees unless you are auditing or a furthering education student. There are however semester fees and premiums. You can find more information about these fees and premiums in the link below: 

Semestergebühren und Semesterbeiträgen

The Acceptance or Rejection Letter 

You can find more information about the timeline of our decision process here.

We are stoked about your application!

Here is the link to the online application!