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How can I apply?

Application periods

Applications for the first semester:

April 15 to May 31

Applications for a higher study semester (to begin in the summer term)

January 1 to February 15 

Applications for a higher study semester (to begin in the winter term)

July 1 to August 15

Applying for the first semester allows you a seamless transition from your Bachelor to our Master program. You may enroll at our program every winter semester.

Should you already be enrolled in a Master program and thinking about changing programs, you should verify if you fulfill the application requirements for a higher study semester. In this case, you may begin our Master program either in the winter or in the summer semester.

The general admission requirements apply regardless of the type of semester in question.

General admission requirements

Applicants need to have a German final degree or an equivalent foreign degree that qualifies for a profession (e.g. Bachelor).

Applicants must have passed a minimum of 30 ECTS credits in Economics and a minimum of 18 ECTS credits in quantitative methods (Mathematics, Statistics and Econometrics). The sum of ECTS credits must account for at least 72 ECTS credits. Please also note important information about prior knowledge of econometrics. Important information on prior knowledge of econometrics can be found here.

This requirement may also be fulfilled if you hold a German high school diploma (Abiturzeugnis) with six (6) years of English. Please mind that this is only valid for holders of a German high school diploma. English language requirements may also be fulfilled if your previous studies were mainly carried out in English language.

Additional information on the English language requirements 

You are required to proof your German language level if the teaching language of your previous studies was not German. In this respect, please note that the language requirements for application and for the enrolment process vary.

Additional information on the German language requirements

Did you complete your bachelor studies at a higher education institution outside of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)?

Please contact the higher education institution which issued your bachelor’s diploma for an equivalence table or similar. Without said requirement, we cannot guarantee that your previous studies are recognized by Freie Universität Berlin in an equivalent manner.

Additional requirements for first-semester applicants

Applying for the first semester allows you a seamless transition from your Bachelor to our Master program. You may enroll at our program every winter semester.

Have you not yet completed your Bachelor studies or have not yet received your Bachelor’s diploma? 

In order to consider your application with a transcript of records, you must proof to have successfully completed 2/3 of the ECTS points of your program.

In this case, your application shall be evaluated based on your current grades. Nevertheless, the final Bachelor’s diploma must be presented by the end of the first semester of this Master program.

Additional requirements for higher-semester applicants

If you are already enrolled in another Master program, the possibility of applying to our Master program at a higher semester remains. For this purpose, applicants are required to fulfill some additional requirements.

As proof of such, please add a certificate of enrollment to your application documents.

If you interrupted your studies during a certain period and now wish to resume it in a higher study semester, this shall be possible as long as you have not exhausted the maximum number of examination attempts of your Master.

An admission to a higher study semester at our Master program is only possible within the standard period of study of four semesters.

Selection criteria

You shall be considered in the admission process as long as you fulfill our formal admission requirements. In this process, all applicant shall be evaluated based on the following selection criteria:

The first 51% of the study places shall be assigned based on the Bachelor final grade average of the or based on the transcript of records if applicable.

The remaining 49% oft he study places shall be assigned based on a weighted method. In said method, your ranking in the selection process shall be determined by the successful completion of specific courses related to Public Finance. The following areas of knowledge shall be considered:

Public finance, Labour Economics, Environmental Economics, Public Choice, Economic History, Econometrics and Labour Law.

The admission process for a higher study semester consists of further selection criteria. These are centrally determined by Freie Universität Berlin.

Information on the allocation of study places at admission-restricted programs

Exceptions from this rule may include the amount of so-called waiting semesters and hardship case quotas.

Information on tuition fees

Except in the case of continuing education courses and auditing, Freie Universität Berlin does not charge any tuition fees (Studiengebühren) for its study programs.

Information on semester fees and contributions

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