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Elective Courses (12 ECTS)

The free elective area offers students the possibility of choosing modules from all elective fields. Students can therefore deepen their chosen elective field or take modules from different elective fields as well.

Furthermore, courses with a public finance focus approved during a semester abroad or at the Berlin School of Economics (BSE) may be recognized.

Are you interested in a semester abroad during your Master? Then inform yourself with our colleagues at the International Office.

Before you leave to your desired university abroad, you should inform yourself about the possibility of getting said courses recognized for your Master study. Your Master’s coordination will be glad to assist you.

Further information on studying abroad

In 2019, the former Berlin Doctoral Program in Economics and Management Science (BDPEMS), together with the Graduate Center of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW GC), merged to form the new Berlin School of Economics (BSE). With its numerous PhD courses, the BSE offers exciting economic courses at the highest level. As part of the PhD Fast Track students may also get these courses recognized for their Master studies and thus profit from this course offer as well by reducing their future doctoral studies at BSE.

Further information on the course offer at BSE

Did you find an exciting course at BSE? Then clarify the possibility of getting the credits recognized in advance.