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Masterthesis (24 ECTS)

For a successful completion of the Master in Public Economics, students must write an independent Master’s thesis. This work may be prepared within a period of 23 weeks.

Usually, the Master’s thesis is at the end of your studies.However, you can register and complete your thesis earlier.. For this, you are obligated to prove that you have completed at least 60 LP. Of these courses, one must be an economic seminar.

Once the requirements for the enrollment of a Master’s Thesis are fulfilled, students must then find an appropriate research topic. The topic is chosen individually and with the help of an advisor.

In the ideal scenario, you may already have an idea for a topic, which you would like to develop with a potential advisor. If your advisor agrees to the topic, you may enroll your Master’s Thesis with the Prüfungsbüro.

Many professors also publish their own lists with topics of interest, to which students can apply. Their chairs often have additional requirements for students wishing to write their Master’s Thesis with them. Students should therefore inform themselves in advance befor a prospective application.

Should you not be able to find an advisor, you may enroll your Master’s Thesis at the Prüfungsbüro by adding your preferred advisor. You will then be assigned an advisor.

Regardless of the path you choose, the enrollment of your Master’s thesis is guaranteed.

Further information on Master's Theses

When writing your master's thesis, you must complete the Academic Practice module. During this module, you will present the preliminary results of your Master's Thesis to your fellow students. This will introduce you to the practice of  presenting and discussing research. It will also teach you how to incorporate constructive criticism and suggestions into your research.