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    • The content of your internship must be related to your course of study. Thus, the internship must contain the economic analysis of certain policies. 

    • The internship must be around 540 working hours. With a 40 hour work week, you need to complete a 13.5 week internship period.

    • Positions as a working student or student assistant are not applicable.

    • Only internships during your Master’s and not during your Bachelor’s are can be considered.

We advise you to complete the internship all at once. Since this is not always possible, you can do multiple internships in certain cases. Important is that 540 working hours are reached. Please consult with the Studiengangskoordination before hand.

As soon as you get a Praktikumszeugnis from your employer, you can give it to Cordula Arlinghaus (please include you Matrikelnummer in the email). When your internship has been accepted, the Prüfungsbüro will be informed and we will contact you directly by Email.