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  • The internship must have a sufficient connection to your studies in Public Economics. The focus of the internship must therefore lie on the economic analysis of political issues.
  • The full scope of work of the internship must be at least 540 hours of work. The duration of a full-time internship with 40 hours per week is therefore approximately 13.5 weeks.
  • In general, only internships will be recognized by our master program, but not times of employment as working student or student assistant.
  • Also, only those internships will be recognized that have been done after completing your undergraduate studies or, ideally, during your masters' program.

Suitable internships can be found at, e.g.:

In general, we encourage you to complete the internship as a whole. However, since this is not always possible, several internships or a split internship will be recognized in justified cases. Yet, the amount of hours of work must still account for at least 540 hours of work (at least 320 hours of work according to the old study regulations). Please discuss this with the program coordinator or his team in due time.

Once you have received your internship certificate from your employer, you must present the original of that certificate to Ms. Cordula Arlinghaus (please leave your student ID number and your e-mail address in case of questions). You will be notified of the status of the recognition via e-mail. In case of a successful recognition of the internship, a letter of recognition will be forwarded to the examination office directly, without any further action on your part.