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Application checklist

All documents are only required in electronic form when applying and must be uploaded as part of the FU online application by May 31st. There is no extended submission deadline. The original documents or their certified copies must only be presented for enrollment.

Only if you have applied for a hardship case, you must also submit the following documents by mail within the deadline:

  • the signed application for admission, all proofs of the reasons as officially certified copies and the completed form for the hardship application

Necessary documents and requirements:

  • Bachelor thesis in the fields of business informatics, practical computer science or other fields related to business informatics. If the bachelor thesis is not yet completed, a confirmation of registration including topic, deadline and number of credit points is sufficient. If the thesis is confidential, please contact us. For applicants with a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems, uploading the Bachelor's thesis is not necessary, as long as the Bachelor's certificate is submitted.
  • Certificate of the first degree or a current transcript of records. The transcript of records must confirm that at least 2/3 of the total number of credit points of the first degree has already been successfully completed. In addition, the preliminary overall grade must be shown, otherwise you will take part in the admission procedure but will be at the end of the ranking.

If you do not hold a degree in Business Information Systems, the following subject combinations must be fulfilled:

– at least 18 ECTS business information systems or computer science
– at least 30 ECTS in business administration
– at least 12 ECTS in the bachelor thesis in business information systems

Please highlight these ECTS in the PDF documents (in colour).

  • Applicants with a degree from a foreign university require proof of German language skills. This can be done, for example, by passing the language test for university admission (DSH). Further information is available here.

Fill out and send the online form:

  • Students with a German first degree apply here.
  • Students with a degree from a foreign university without a German first degree can find further information here. Please note that all documents, if not in English, must be translated by an official translator. Since uni-assist usually takes four weeks to process your application, we recommend that you submit your documents to uni-assist by the end of April at the latest. General information on a stay abroad at the Freie Universität Berlin can be found here.

Please check independently whether additional documents are required in individual cases. Incomplete applications will not be processed by the admissions office.