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Master of Science in Information Systems


The Master of Science in Information Systems degree program is designed to meet the needs of students who want to combine technical capabilities in computer science and the application of information and apply this knowledge in a business environment. It completes the curriculum of Freie Universität Berlin in the field of economics through adding a sociotechnical component.

This program combines the technical underpinnings of computer science with the key concepts of business and economics. In that way it is an important addition to master´s programs in business administration such as the Marketing & Management Master or FACTS and the more technical master´s program in computer science.

The Master’s program at the FU Berlin is characterized by a scientific view on information systems, their methodological requirements and economic implications. The focus lies on business analytics, e-business, IT-entrepreneurship, operations research and decision support systems. During the 'Individual Study or Research' phase, students can specialize according to their interests. They are also supported throughout the course of their studies by counseling services. Knowledge transfer takes place in particular through blended and e-learning in small seminars.

Our Master students...

... acquire profound knowledge and sought-after competences

Students learn to deal with information systems in a business management environment in a methodologically and theoretically substantiated way, to design them and at the same time to reflect critically. They are trained to become interdisciplinary specialists in the sense of business informatics.

... plan their career path and are individually advised

The Master integrates the study section "Individual Study or Research" to prepare for an individual career path. Students choose options in close cooperation with a mentor and determine important study contents themselves. They study at a foreign university, work on research projects in the department or take profile-building modules.

... have excellent future prospects

In times of a shortage of skilled workers in Germany, training in the development and innovative application of information systems offers excellent career prospects. Graduates of the Master's programme can work in a wide variety of professions, for example as information managers, information and systems analysts or strategy consultants. At the same time, the programme also prepares students for possible self-employment or academic career steps. The scientific and theoretical orientation of the programme is therefore combined with a clear practical orientation and career preparation, especially in the "Individual Study or Research" phase.