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Accrediting externally taken courses

Prozessmodell Anrechnung von Modulen

Prozessmodell Anrechnung von Modulen

The Information Systems Department encourages students to customizatize their studies by taking courses at other departments and universities. These can be selected at Freie Universität, Humboldt-Universität or Technische Universität and can be accredited if there is a suitable match in the Information Systems study regulations. Please find above the outline of the process for crediting modules (in German). In particular, we recommend courses from the Master's prorgam in Media and Technology, with which we have concluded an agreement on accreditable modules. Here you can find current courses from the Master Media Informatics that you can take based on this agreement.

Please adhere to the following process if you wish to accrediting a course:

1. Check module requirements: If you want to get credit for an external module (= module which is not reflected in the Information Systems course catalog), check if it is suitable for Master-level students, credits at least 6 credit points and could conceivably be accredited as a module of the Information Systems study regulations.

2. Ask the lecturer for participation: Please make sure that you are allowed to take the course by contacting the lecturer before taking it.

3. Discuss accreditation with program coordination: Please contact the Information Systems Master Coordination (masterwinfo@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de) for the course you would like to receive credit for. Please send us a link from the course, information showing the university, module name, syllabus, credit points and semester hours. Please also send us 1-2 suggestions as to which module you would like to have the course credited according to the Information Systems study regulations. Especially suitable are usually the "dummy modules", which often start with "Aktuelle Fragestellungen aus dem Bereich (...)". Make sure that you have not taken this module before, as double accreditations are not possible. Important: You must not (!) register for this "dummy module" in Campus Management!

4. Finalize future accreditation in mentoring: If there is a confirmation of recognition from the study coordination, enter the module(s) in the Learning Agreement, under the modules you want to take in the current semester. There, the recognition of the module is finally confirmed.

5. Take course

6. Request a certificate of achievement from the instructor: After the module has been passed, ask your instructor for a certificate of achievement, which confirms the credits earned for the course as well as the grade, if applicable.

7. Fill in the form for recognition: Please refer to the sample form and ensure that you complete the form correctly. There are two types of forms, depending on whether you want to receive credit for only one course module or for several (see Downloads)

8. Send the certificate and the form to us: Send your certificate and your completed form to masterwinfo@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de (and not to the examination office).

It is also possible to have externally taken modules accredited afterwards - however, this also requires consultation with the Master's Coordination (masterwinfo@wiwiss.fu-berlin.de). In this case, please send us the required documents (form for recognition, certificate of achievement) and a proposal as to which module from the study regulations you would like to have the course accredited.