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Dissertation projects

Current dissertation projects:

Hamdy Ellahamy:

Contextual Variable and Extent of Adopting Open Innovation Model in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Clelia Medina:

eCommerce Best Practices Adoption in Latin American and European Small and Medium Export Companies

Martina Kovac:

Dynamics and Stability of Innovation Policy Design Processes

Ralph Lichtner:

Identification and Evaluation of the Best Ideas in Open Innovation Communities – A Comparative Analysis of User and Managerial Expert Evaluation

Laura Mitzscherling:

Evaluation of Internal Processes of Research Institutions in Terms of Their Ability to Innovate

Henriette Naims:

Assessing new technologies in value chains with Multi-Attribute Utility Theory:The case of carbon dioxide capture and utilization technologies

Andreas Scheel:

Wettbewerbsvorteile durch den Einsatz Sozialer Medien bei der Öffnung des Innovationsprozesses – Die Identifikation von Innovationstreibern

Carsten Schwäbe:

Demand-Sided Financial Incentives for Innovations - Concept and Challenges Based on the Example of the German Feed-in Tariffts for Renewable Energy

Maria Zolotareva:

Innovation Management in the Transfer Process: the Influence of Subsidiary Companies and Re-contextualisation


Completed dissertation projects:

Katharina Mattes:

Adoption of Material Efficient Production Technologies in Organizations of Processing Industries – an Analysis and Holistic Examination of Various Drivers and Motives

Djerdj Horvat:

Strategic Location Upgrading Processes of Growth Markets, Strategies and Approaches to Promote the Innovation Ability of Newly Established Companies

Christian Lerch:

Interaktion von Produkt- und Dienstleistungsinnovationen in Industrieunternehmen – Ein empirisch-simulatives Erklärungsmodell

Thilo Sandner:

Innovations at the Boundaries of Sectoral Systems of Innovation and Production: A Study on the Pharmaceutical Industry

Alexander Martin:

Development of Organizational Routines and Competencies: Theoretical Practice Approach and Empirical Foundation on the Example of a Young Technology Company

Oliver Som:

Innovation without R&D – Heterogeneous Innovation Patterns of Non-R&D-Performing Firms in the German Manufacturing Industry