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M. Sc. Elina Pulenkova

Elina Pulenkova

Chair of Innovation Management


Thielallee 73
Raum 313
14195 Berlin
since Oct 2021

Research Associate, PhD Student, Chair of Innovation Management,
Freie Universität Berlin

Dissertation topic: 

Design, selection and implementation of innovation policy instruments. A German Case Study on the success of mRNA technology

Research project: Innovation Policy Orchestra (IPO)
- duration: 01.01.22 - 30.04.24
- funding authority: BMBF, project promotion: PTJ

- Principles of innovation management (bachelor course)
- Innovation policy (master course)
- Seminar on innovation policy (master course)

LinkedIn: (https://www.linkedin.com/in/elina-pulenkova-a258a0169/)


Master's Degree in Economics at Freie Universität Berlin 

Thesis topic: 

Agility of mission-oriented innovation policies: The German response during the COVID-19 crisis


Student research assistant, Chair of Innovation Management, Freie Universität Berlin:

Sep 2019 - Okt 2021: 

- Assistance in the preparation of courses (management, innovation management, innovation economics and policy)
- support with research projects (Agility in R&I policy)

March 2018 - September 2019:
- Research project TIMETECH - The objective of the research project is to support the partners of the consortium Advanced UV for Life in determining and analyzing technological dynamics and evolutions. The project also support to the consortium for their strategic technology management with a focus on coordinating the partners’ R&D portfolios and business models accordingly.


 Bachelor's degree in Economics at Freie Universität Berlin 

 Jun 2022

Innovation policy making from the practitioner's perspective – A morphologicaldesign process for policy instruments – The case of Germany.

Schwäbe, Carsten; Kovač, Martina; Pulenkova, Elina; Simper, Julia und Dreher, Carsten.

Atlanta 2023 und Euspri 2023, Conference presentation and full paper

 Jun 2022

Innovation policy selection, implementation and design. A mRNA case study of German R&I policy.

Euspri conference 2022, Brigthon, Conference presentation and full paper 

Jun 2021

COVID-19 as societal challenge: How agile was the German mission-oriented innovation policy during the crisis?

Euspri conference 2021, Conference presentation 

Feb 2021

Agilität in der F&I-Politik: Konzept, Definition, OperationalisierungAgilität in der F&I-Politik: Konzept, Definition, OperationalisierungExpertenkommission Forschung und Innovation.

Expertenkommission Forschung und Innovation (EFI)